Everec 260

These Everec IP cameras are compact network cameras especially developed for installation in vehicles. Although they are designed lightweight for purposes of occupant protection, their robustness is impressive. Their innovative design and the design of the housing protect the vehicle occupants in the event of a possible accident or injuries. With the help of an integrated mechanical holder, assembly times are shortened and an adjustment of the desired image section is simplified.

Two sensors and the associated lenses with fixed focal distances allow for the switching between two ranges of view. They provide an HD resolution of 720p at a maximum of 30 images/second. With the dual-streaming mode, MPEG4 and MJPEG video can be transmitted simultaneously with freely selectable data rates. The storage location is configurable. In this way, the video data can be optionally stored on the integrated micro SD card (up to 32GB), a file server or an NAS (Network Attached Storage). An LED on the front side can be used to display camera activity. This is needed, for example, for the guarantee of the labeling/identification obligation with video recordings.

The cameras have integrated motion detection over which the recording can be initiated. A digital input can be optionally used for this. With the pre-alarm function, the phase preceding the occurrence of an event can also be stored here.

The camera can get power via a 12V input but it is also possible via “Power over Ethernet” as per the standard IEEE802.3af. This very simple installation only requires an Ethernet cable. Optionally stereo audio can be recorded and transmitted via two integrated microphones. Optionally, the camera can collect and record GPS data and superimpose it in video images.

The areas of application of the camera are diverse. The Everec 260 is the first choice if dealing with video self-protection for police, video documentation at logistics companies, video monitoring in money transport vehicles or driver protection in taxis. Additionally, the camera is the answer to a variety of mobile applications for customers.

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